By Peter Wilson

Songs & Music by Shona McKee McNeil

A stork is carrying a baby when she gets caught in a storm. The suitcase carrying the baby is blown out of the stork’s hold and despite frantically trying to catch the suitcase it is blown away out of sight.

The wind carried the suitcase way across the water until it came to rest on a small island. Rupert, the small baby inside the suitcase peeped out into his new world.

A passing Tui thinks that he is some sort of flightless bird and offers him help, a Kiwi joins him and together they try to help Rupert discover who he is and where he came from.

Rupert is an enchanting story about friendship, about differences, finding out who we are and where we belong.

Skillfully told through the use of beautiful puppets, music and song Rupert is a superb and wonderful piece of children’s theatre brought to you by the actors of Little Dog Barking Theatre Company.

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