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Black Dog

Black Dog and Christina lived together in a little cottage on the edge of a forest. They had been friends for a very long time, they played together, they swam together, they ran barefoot through the forest. Then, suddenly, one cold day in winter, everything began to change… Even the very young know the pain of love. In this hauntingly beautiful story we share Black Dog’s pain as he waits and waits for the return of Christina’s love

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Duck, Death and the Tulip

Adapted from the award winning book by Wolf Erlbruch, Duck, Death and the Tulip tells the life story of a Duck. A beautiful and challenging story about Duck and his unlikely friendship with a character who introduces himself as Death. They go through life together enjoying each others company. But Duck grows old and the day comes when he must die. His friend Death remains at his side. A beautiful story about life and Death.

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Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

A book that is so well loved by young children and now a magical stage play that deals so powerfully with childhood and age, with memory and with relationships. A play that uses the magic of storytelling, puppetry and live performance. A wonderful work for both children and adults.

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Paper Shaper

Short and simple, yet rich with emotion and humour, Paper Shaper is the antithesis of big-brand kids’ entertainment such as Hi-5 or The Wiggles. With utmost care and skill the company weaves together a magical world that will introduce children to the true beauty that theatre is capable of expressing.The story springs straight from the realms of imagination and curiosity that children inhabit. What happens to that little man on the side of the rubbish bin when no-one is looking? He creates a whole universe out of people’s paper, with a paper sun, paper trees, paper flowers and paper butterflies.

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