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Written by Peter Wilson and performed by Kenny King and Amy Atkins. Music by Stephen Gallagher and Caitlin Morris.

A new original puppet play from the international award winning theatre company Little Dog Barking.

Twinkle spends a lot of time on her own. She gets given a new smart phone, but when that breaks down she becomes very bored. Twinkle turns to her favourite toy called Dino and when no one is looking Twinkle talks to Dino about her dreams. Like all young girls, Twinkle runs, jumps and skips, but she always does it by herself with Dino watching her. Twinkle spends a lot of time alone thinking, and oh boy does she have an imagination.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

A book that is so well loved by young children and now a magical stage play that deals so powerfully with childhood and age, with memory and with relationships. A play that uses the magic of storytelling, puppetry and live performance. A wonderful work for both children and adults.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is just four years old, he lives next door to a rest home for old people. He knows all the residents very well but his favourite person is Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper because she has four names, just like him.

Duck Death and the Tulip

Duck Death and the Tulip

By Wolf Erlbruch, Adapted by Peter Wilson | Directed by Nina Nawalowalo and Music composed by Gareth Farr
Kind permission of Gecko Press

Duck, Death and the Tulip is a strangely heartwarming story. A duck strikes up an unlikely friendship with Death. Simple, unusual, warm and witty. The superb use of masks, puppets and objects, allows the play to deal with a difficult subject in a way that is elegant, straightforward and thought provoking.

Little Kowhai Tree

Little Kowhai Tree

Little Kowhai Tree is a magical story of how things grow. Seeds are planted, green shoots begin to appear and Little Kowhai Tree begins her journey of growing up.

Children in the audience meet Little Kowhai’s friends. Friends who help her grow such as Sun, Moon and Rain. Worm, who looks after the soil around Little Kowhai’s roots. Bee and Tui who work hard looking after Little Kowhai’s blossom, and Ruru, the Morepork, who guards Little Kowhai during the night.

The story is told and sung in both English and Te Reo Māori. Worm and Tui take the children on a wonderful journey to discover the colours, textures, sounds and creatures of Little Kowhai’s growing.

Full of music, sounds, song and action, Little Kowhai is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young children, performed in the intimacy of your centre, classroom or school hall. Little Kowhai is not only entertaining, it is also a great learning experience for young audiences.

Lets Make a Puppet

Let’s Make a Puppet

A wonderful exploration of how you make puppets – all the different kinds, how you use the puppets and how you make up stories. From the team at Little Dog Barking performed in your centre or classroom. The show includes some wonderful counting songs, stories, including some old time favourites – the Owl and the Pussy Cat, Incy Wincy Spider and new ones such as My Garden. We make simple puppets and then tell simple stories.

The Puppets bring nursery songs to life encouraging the children to join in and sing along. Imagine a plastic bottle being turned into a wonderful puppet gardener, a pair of gloves into a caterpillar, and there you have a story, The Gardener and the Caterpillar.

An exciting theatre adventure watching simple stories unfold using shadow, rod and hand puppets made by hands, fingers and simple props. This is a show about imagination, about creativity and about working together.

Written and devised by the team (Kenny, Rachel & Peter) this is a show about imagination, about creativity and working together. This performance will give you lots of opportunities for post-performance activity and inspiration!



A stork is carrying a baby when she gets caught in a storm. The suitcase carrying the baby is blown out of the stork’s hold and despite frantically trying to catch the suitcase it is blown away out of sight.

The wind carried the suitcase way across the water until it came to rest on a small island. Rupert, the small baby inside the suitcase peeped out into his new world.

A passing Tui thinks that he is some sort of flightless bird and offers him help, a Kiwi joins him and together they try to help Rupert discover who he is and where he came from.

Rupert is an enchanting story about friendship, about differences, finding out who we are and where we belong.

Skillfully told through the use of beautiful puppets, music and song Rupert is a superb and wonderful piece of children’s theatre brought to you by the actors of Little Dog Barking Theatre Company.

Paper plays

Paper Plays

The fun and adventure begins with two puppeteers making their own paper puppets in front of the audience. Through story telling techniques, they inform the children on how to create and move simple puppets. The actors and puppets then take the audience through a captivating performance as they journey over a mountain, a river, and through a storm in search of their clothes and shoes.

The production succeeds in exploring attributes of children through the puppets – curiosity, individuality, cooperation and imagination. It provides entertainment, information and participation. It also leaves children with an ongoing activity and interest, as the puppets made during the performance are left at the school or centre.

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