Little Dog Barking

Wellington Theatre Company for Children

P1010827 2010-11-24 09.34 Peter Wilson, Director, established Little Dog Barking in 2010.  Peter’s vision for the company is to create innovative and original theatre productions for Early Childhood and Lower Primary School audiences. Little Dog Barking creates the thrill and magic of live theatre in their centre or school and brings to children the stories of their world, told and presented in simple and imaginative ways.

Early Childhood and Lower Primary Schools

Our productions are specifically aimed at Early Childhood and Lower Primary School aged groups, making the performances accessible and intimate by presenting them in your centre or school.  This means the audiences are smaller, children are in their familiar environments, creating greater opportunity for participation in the performances.

Peter Wilson was the founding artistic director of the Capital E National Theatre for Children; Whilst with that organisation he created many popular early childhood programmes including; Farm at the End of the Road, Seasons, On our Street and Songs of the Sea.  For Little Dog Barking he has created Party Pigs and a Sausage went for a Walk, Little Kowhai Tree, Paper Shaper, Paper Plays, Duck Death and the Tulip and The Pond.


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