Rana Khalifa from Mt Cook School wrote a summary of Duck Death and the Tulip…

Thank you to Mt Cook School for allowing us to share this:

Rana Khalifa from Kiwi class wrote a summary of the story of the play that the juniors went to see as part of the Capital E Arts Festival. The play was called Duck, Death and the Tulip.

Once upon a time there was Duck and Death. Duck went to sleep and then Duck woke up and a flower came up and then Duck started to dance with the flower. Duck went away, Death came and took the flower and had it behind him and then Duck came. Death said “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes please,” said Duck. Then they drank it and it was winter.

Duck said “Death will you warm me up?”

“Yes,” said Death, and then Duck died and Death said “That’s Life.”