Duck, Death and the Tulip visits Nelson Arts Festival 2013 – Reviews

The Team had a wonderful time performing Death Duck and the Tulip in sunny Nelson at the 2013 Arts Festival!  Check out the reviews from our time there:


Sensitive and Magical


From the Nelson Mail – 21st October 2013:
Tender tale needs no explanation
Death visited the Suter Theatre on Saturday, to a sold out show of young children with parents. He was in good spirits, full of life, and unavoidably human. Duck was full of life too, for a time. Death and Duck were played respectively by Peter Wilson and Shona McKee McNeil in an adaptation of the now famous book Duck…, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch. A combination of puppetry and acting, the play was enjoyably honest in its simple effects and props. A certain amount of expense were caught by the parents. Duck and Death were a cohesive team, bringing the story to life without distractions. When Duck had questions of Death, some he couldn’t answer, but others he did. I liked when Duck asked, ‘‘Will my pond be still there when I’m gone?’’ ‘‘Not for you, most surely not,’’ replied Death. ‘‘That’s good, I will not have to mourn for it then,’’ mused Duck. As the story goes, after spending some time together, Duck died in Death’s arms and was tenderly laid on the river and carried away. Death genuinely mourned the passing of his new close friend and afterward emphatically ended the play exclaiming, ‘‘That’s life!’’ A Q and A session was held after the show for any who had heartfelt questions regarding death. I presume this was an over-anxious reaction to the subject matter but it was not needed. The director Nina Nawalowalo, Peter and Shona, were required to answer uninspiring questions about how this and that worked, not anything relating to death, and what should they reply if so? The play said it all.