Duck Death and the Tulip also visited Tauranga Arts Festival 2013

The team took Duck Death and the Tulip to the 2013 Tauranga Arts Festival.  Here are a couple of reviews from their time up North:


Tale Tellers and Death Duck & the Tulip:


Duck, Death and the Tulip
Tauranga Arts Festival
1 November 2013, 1pm
“Quack!” echoed a wee voice from the shadows.
You know a play has hit its mark when the youngest members of the audience join in a happy exchange with the main character. And that, I think, is the beauty of sharing a theatre with small children. You get to slip out of your serious brogues and wiggle your toes in simple delight….
Little Dog Barking Theatre Company presents a sweet and endearing play of Duck and Death’s shared journey to the little pond in the sky. Peter Wilson’s portrayal of a grandfatherly-like death brings gentleness to a topic you wouldn’t normally associate with children’s theatre, while Shona McNeil’s delightful Scottish intonations is the perfect fit for the cheeky duck.
Played out on a sparsely decorated stage with a simple dialogue, the most significant moments are often shared through the exchange of a look, or a gentle touch. The subtlety isn’t lost on the littlest members of the audience, going by the giggles and sighs of delight coming from behind me.
Duck, Death & the Tulip cleverly removes the somber and hushed tones we associate with loss. It replaces them with the warm comfort of a cup of tea and an unlikely friendship.  Charming and amusing with the slightest touch of sadness, this show presents a wonderful opportunity to share in the journey of life and all that it brings.
I recommend you join with your dearest little person, shrug off your serious coat and take a dip into the wonderful world of children’s theatre.
By Megan Clarkin