S. Lees
We very much enjoy your teams work also and I think we have pretty much been stalking you since we first found you. I was first so relieved to see you show as until that point everything I had taken my daughter too involved lots of shouting, scaring noises and ran at such a fast pace I had problems keeping up with the story line. So we are grateful that LDB Ltd treats puppetry as an art form which it truly is. We are looking forward to seeing the show today. It is my youngest birthday so it will be an extra special treat to see it on her big day.
Naomi O'Connor Ngaio Playcentre
…40 kids transfixed … their lives brilliantly expanded by having such quality theatre in their own setting … We couldn’t hope for more as playcentre parents, to see our children thrilled by an experience, and immediately making it part of their own play. Hearts and minds rewarded, all in one.
Diane Tews Grafton Private Kindergarten
…how much everyone enjoyed the puppet shows … We were thrilled to have you with us. In fact we want to book you in for your new show next year … let us know when you are ready to rock and roll again!!
Susan Marshall Chilton St James Preschool & Primary
Delightful show! Our students were totally engaged and entranced. Thank you for a show that held their attention whilst educating them at the same time. The show was funny, used beautiful puppets, had catchy music and singing and clever puppeteering. Our students enjoyed the way you involved them. The Yrs 5 and 6 were very put out that they weren’t invited!
Nicole Churton Park Little School
We absolutely loved it! All children were fascinated for the entire 45 minutes including 2 year olds! …great how it combined music and drama with science and Maori … great there was so much Maori in it … children loved the characters and the songs. Many children sang the songs for the rest of the day! Thank you for an excellent performance and we look forward to having you back again!